As the world continues to grapple with the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the majority of companies are still enforcing work from home to ensure social distancing. Working from home has now become a norm for many employees. Yet, it is a big change in the routine, a far cry from operating from your office space. Despite your continuous efforts to stay on top of your professional responsibilities, sometimes, there are things you might forget or disregard. Working from home is not the same as working from your offices, and it is important to remember that all time.
If you are struggling to adjust to this new routine, here are four mistakes that you should avoid while working from home.

  1. Not making a schedule

    Remember, you are no longer commuting to and fro from your work office. It is usually how an employee separates their work life from personal life. When they reach their offices, they get into their work mode. Soon as they leave for home after a long day of work, they usually leave their work worries behind. But now that your home is your office, there are no clear boundaries. There are no physical markers, and your mind may have difficulty getting used to this change. So whip up a schedule and stick to it. Have precise working hours, before and after which you disconnect from your professional duties. Include enough breaks to keep you refreshed. Having distinct boundaries help to balance out your personal and professional lives.

  2. Inadequate communication

    While you can quickly go over to your colleague or your boss for a query in an office, the same is not valid while working from home. Inept communication can lead to frequent calls and emails from your side to your team that can be distracting and even annoying. So actively make it a habit to get all your answers during the actual meetings and conferences. Listen carefully, take down notes if you have to, and clear out your confusion. Being precise and specific in your interactions is the key to working from home. There are various tools used to collaborate, and keep track of projects, use them to get your updates and information. Learn to give and take information in as few calls and emails as possible.

  3. Multitasking

    Usually, there are multiple chores at home that need to be done, and they can end up being distractions. So, often people try to get both their work and personal stuff done at the same time. Never multitask. Don’t mix personal with the professional, or you’ll end up focusing on neither work. You have a professional obligation to perform your job with the utmost attention and sincerity. While multitasking, there are chances of making mistakes that could cost you and your company both. Even if they are both your work-related tasks, focus on one at a time.

  4. Mixing personal data with professional data

    Just as it is ill-advised to mix personal life with professional life, you should similarly avoid storing your professional data or work on your personal devices or accounts. Your company data is confidential, and putting it on your accounts, however briefly, could pose security threats. Your company’s accounts and devices come installed with various security measures to avoid any breaches and theft, and you’ll be putting it all at risk by using your own. It could cost your company a lot if there were to be any leaks in data. So it’s in the company’s and your best interest to keep them separate.
    They may seem simple, but it can be easy to overlook these points. Your productivity shouldn’t take a hit because you are working from home. It may be a bit challenging, but with sincere efforts on your part, you can get it down. As another work from home day dawns, make a note of these mistakes that you should avoid. Every little step helps.