Work from home, or sometimes referred to as remote work, is certainly not a new concept. Companies, large and small, have been known to working with employees who do not operate from their offices. We all may have done it ourselves at some point or at least know of someone who does. It may not be the most popular work method, but with internet advancement it surely gained traction. But the world now has found itself in an unprecedented
situation. With the growing spread of COVID19 businesses world over are now practicing the method of work from home to ensure health and safety of their employees and everybody around them. With this, employees, who are used to working in office settings with a set routine and fixed hours, have found themselves suddenly thrust in their houses with families and work to balance. Here in this article we talk about a few ways to ensure you keep
yourselves productive for your companies and not lose yourselves in this new change.

1. Build suitable workspace

How do you define your shift from work to home when you are no longer allowed to leave your place? You build yourself an appropriate workspace at your home. A proper mindset is essential to be productive and having yourself your own little corner just for work would facilitate that.

Ensure you have separate table/unit, preferably in an isolated room, which you only use for your office work. This allows your mind to get into an office framework when you settle down on it daily and helps you focus. You can always optimize your workspace as per your liking, adding items to it that are bound to increase your productivity, maybe even make it similar to your actual office space.

2. Install proper tools needed for work

When working from your offices you never had to worry much about the internet, the Wi-Fi, the various software needed on a daily basis to get your work done. But now you will need to make certain that your home and computers are updated with the latest technology. Other than working high speed internet, install all the necessary tools you might need to get your work done from home. Frequent glitches and lacking applications will make working from home a nightmare for you. It won’t do you any favor when you are missing out on deadlines because of faulty internet. So get yourselves all the tools you need to communicate and collaborate with your team. Not only will it ease your work stress, it will also give you a way to interact with your co-workers easily.

3. Whip up a work schedule

It is essential that you make a schedule for yourself daily. Plan it properly so as you not overwork or underwork yourself. Your routine is disrupted when you are no longer operating on a fixed office routine. Having a timetable in place will help. It will let you separate personal time from professional time. Distractions are plenty when you have family members close by or pets living with you. Adhering to your schedule will let you maximize on your productivity. It will also allow you to keep aware of your working hours and realize when it is time to end the work
for the day.

4. Connect with your team daily

Often working from home leads to isolation and consequently a desolate state of mind. It is more glaring when one has to suddenly go from daily seeing their co-workers at office, idly chatting with them in hallways to working from a secluded spot at home with minimum physical interactions. To avoid the creeping loneliness, talk with your team mates frequently. Set up video calls and meetings and include some non-work talks to keep the mind rejuvenated.
Make up for your water cooler chats in the offices with these calls. Not only do these video calls get the work done but it also offers the much needed break from work for you. Continuous hours spent working can mentally exhaust you. Such talk helps to freshen up your mind and re-energize you.

5. Hold yourself accountable

What do you do when you no longer have a manager supervising you at all times? You hold yourself accountable for your actions. This is the only way to get work done from home. We know how difficult it is to ignore the lure of television or the bed, but do not let distractions get to you. It is important to remind yourself that even if at home, you have projects to work on and deadlines to meet. Be your own manager. Ensure that your work is on track and you are not missing out on any deadlines. Your manager might be worried about your commitment to work, so let them know about your daily progress. Not only will it help you keep yourself on track but it will also help alleviate any concerns your manager might have about your work.

6. Take adequate breaks

Once you settle down and get started on your work do not keep going for long hours. We sometimes have a habit of ‘let me just finish this’ and then continuing with the work. There is always going to be a call, an email, a quick look at a file, or something. Don’t let it keep you at your desk for hours. Get up. Stretch. Take a walk around your house. Maybe get some fresh air. Your work will still be waiting for you, don’t let it mess up your health. It is important to keep yourself hydrated and move your muscles. Make sure your meals are sufficient and on time.
Avoid overexerting yourself.

Work from home may seem perplexing in the beginning, the sudden change a bit much to take in, but slowly you will find your rhythm. Follow these tips and soon you will be just as productive as you were in your offices. Working from home is all about a fortified mind and a strong will, and right now it is the need of the hour. So let us all just stay at home and keep working.