Women in Tech

Women In Tech

Leaders in finding Female Tech Talent

Our Women in Technology team focuses on helping our clients with creating a workforce that is inclusive.

Our Women in Technology recruiting team is a specialized group within our company that focuses on recruiting and hiring women in technology-related roles. The team's primary goal is to increase diversity and inclusion within our clients' technology workforce.

Some of the key responsibilities of a women in technology recruiting team include:

  • Developing and implementing recruitment strategies that attract qualified women candidates for technology positions.
  • Collaborating with hiring managers and department heads to identify skills, experiences, and other criteria necessary for success in technology roles.
  • Building relationships with universities, professional organizations, and other groups that can help identify and recruit women in technology.
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives to help retain women in technology roles and foster a more inclusive workplace culture.
  • Analyzing hiring data to identify areas for improvement and measure progress towards diversity and inclusion goals.
  • Partnering with other diversity and inclusion teams within the company to align strategies and maximize impact.

Our women in technology recruiting team plays a critical role in helping companies build a more diverse and inclusive technology workforce. By actively seeking out and hiring qualified women candidates, the team can help ensure that the company's technology teams reflect the diversity of its customer base and the wider community.

38% of the candidates in our internal database are Women Tech Professionals

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